Tarantulas and other arachnids from around the world at your doorstep overnight. We supply hobbyists, breeders, and resellers from our Massachusetts breeding and rearing location. The overwhelming majority of species are imported from Germany by Arachnoiden under a USFW import/export license. All are entered into a captive-breeding program. Some species are obtained from major US retailers, and some from US hobbyists and breeders. Our foremost endeavor is to offer healthy lineage true to the original species description.

As availability and breeding allow, we add new species to the Tarantulas for Sale page. Unless otherwise specified, specimens are captive bred. Spiderlings are generally the most economic form of purchase, with most of those listed available in quantities of 10 or more.

At any given time, we have dozens of species not on the Tarantulas for Sale page. In most cases, unlisted species are recent imports purchased in limited quantity, with breeding the primary goal. We have a small surplus at any given time and will post photos of many of them on the Photos page. Feel free to inquire regarding a species you are looking for but do not see on one our pages.

Volume Discount: We have added a Volume Discount page. Scores of species are available at special reduced pricing ($500 minimum). Resellers, breeders, and keen hobbyists are encouraged to review the ever-changing list.

Do contact us with questions and comments.

Thank you!