Acanthoscurria geniculata 3/4″




Acanthoscurria geniculata, a hobby staple, comes from eastern Brazil, near the mouth of the Amazon. Though a rainforest terrestrial, in captivity it tolerates conventional enclosure conditions: room temperature, dry substrate, a water dish, moderate ventilation, and weekly feedings. Growth is moderately fast. Temperament is slightly defensive with reactions faster than you can respond. Holding is not recommended despite the plethora of web photos with fingers and hands near this species. The species flicks hairs and can inflict a painful bite. Hobbyists covet this species because of a boldly contrasting dark brown/white bands in the legs. Unlike the look-alike species Nhandu chromatus, A. geniculata has a dark carapace. Additionally, A. geniculata is hardy and tends to always be on display, even when given a hide.

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