Brachypelma hamorii (ex. smithi) 1/2″




One of the oldest hobby staples, dating back to the late 1900s, the popularity of Brachypelma hamorii (ex. smithi) is undiminished. In captivity, in as short as 3-4 years it can reach sexual maturity, with females reaching an average maximum size of about 5″ after 5+ years. The life span of captive females in may exceed 25 years. B. hamorii is hardy, perhaps partially accounting for its fame. It is fairly docile as tarantulas go, but as with all tarantulas, holding is not recommended. They’ll flick hairs if irritated and dropping your pet can damage internal organs. B. hamorii will make use of a hide if provided, although it tends not to dig. Thus it is almost always at least partly visible and health checks are easy. The spiderlings offered here were captive-bred in Mexico and imported in 2019.

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