Caribena versicolor 3/4 – 1″


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There are so many attributes to explain why Caribena versicolor is a hobby staple. Some of these attributes we’ll cover below.

C. versicolor is found on the island of Martinique, one of a chain of islands in the Caribbean called the Lesser Antilles. These islands are part of a long archipelago bowing outward toward the Atlantic between Puerto Rico and northern South America. The islands are volcanic in origin; Martinique lies at the eastern most point, a logical landing point for Christoper Columbus’ fourth voyage to the West Indies. The northern half of Martinique supports lush tropical forest, the home of C. versicolor. The southern half of the island has different terrain and is drier. It supports a less common hobby species, Acanthoscurria antillensis.

Through its lifetime C. versicolor has two color patterns. Spiderlings are shades of blue. As they grow beyond juveniles they acquire adult colors. Growth is fast and appetite always seems to be good. As long as they have enough humidity to prevent desiccation, especially as spiderlings, they’ll do well at room temperature. Careful when removing one from its enclosure. They have a tendency to leap into the air when alarmed, parachute, and usually land no worse for wear.

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