Cyriopagopus lividus “emerald green” (Hua Hin) 1+”


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Cyriopagopus lividus (ex. Haplopelma lividum), described in 1996, is now a mainstay in the hobby. The first specimens for description were “colbalt blue” in color and were collected in Myanmar (ex. Burma). C. lividus is also found in neighboring Thailand. Indeed, in Thailand’s Hua Hin District a green color form has been found. The specimens offered here were bred from individuals found in this district. Keeping requirements are, of course, exactly the same as for the blue form.

Those interested in keeping C. lividus are reminded that despite widespread availability and examples to the contrary, this species is Old World and not necessarily the first tarantula you should own. It can move faster than you can react, and its bite can cause both local inflammation and widespread neurologic symptoms, sometimes lasting months.

N.b., with the genus change to Cyriopagopus, Latin dictates a change from lividum to lividus to agree in gender with the new genus (masculine). Thus, Haplopelma lividus is incorrect, as is Cyriopagopus lividum. The internet seems thoroughly confused, but now you know!

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