Davus pentaloris 1/2 – 5/8″




A 2016 publication revising taxonomic placement of species in Central American genera Davus, Metriopelma, and Schizopelma [Arachnology (2016) 17 (2), 61–92] resolved years of nomenclature confusion. What the hobby used to call Cyclosternum fasciatum was renamed Davus pentaloris. The same paper differentiates D. pentaloris from Davus fasciatus, the latter clearly distinguished by a dark carapace [PHOTO]. At present, nearly all D. fasciatus photos on the web are actually D. pentaloris (are mislabelled, misidentified). Rather than show the black carapace of D. fasciatus, they clearly show the metallic, bright orange-red carapace of D. pentaloris. Interestingly, D. fasciatus, currently not in the hobby, is found within the relatively narrow geographical bounds of Costa Rica. By contrast D. pentaloris is found widely throughout southern Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

Much hobby literature exists for keeping and breeding D. pentaloris. It is remarkable for contrasting orange and black, with bold striping on the abdomen. It is easy to understand why D. pentaloris is on the shelves of new and experienced collectors alike. This terrestrial can dig, but under most conditions will be seen more often than not.

The photo above is of a young adult female, nearing premolt.

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