Encyocratella olivacea 3/4″




Known to the west since Strand’s description in 1907, Encyocratella olivacea is found on the south-facing rainforest slope of Meru Mountain, Tanzania. Dark velvet femurs contrast boldly with olive and olive-yellow, a color pattern not seen on any other hobby theraphosid. Raising E. olivacea is not difficult, breeding may be challenging. Regarding the latter, note the climate from its vicinity. Temperatures are cooler due to elevation, with precipitous drops at night.

Female E. olivacea have no spermathecae. Interestingly, a paired female will not lose sperm in a molt. Thus a paired female that molts can still construct a hammock with fertilized eggs. We were lucky to have observed this phenomenon once.

If you like a variety of African tarantula species in your collection, you will enjoy caring for Encyocratella olivacea. Coloration and behavior are distinctive among African ‘baboon’ tarantulas. It quickly becomes a favorite.

The photos above are of young females.

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