Hapalopus triseriatus (highland) 1/4″




Hapalopus spp. are distributed from Panama to Bolivia, including Guyana, Colombia, Brazil, and Venezuela. They are dwarf tarantulas in hobby jargon. The most popular species is Hapalopus sp. “Colombia, large.” Hapalopus sp. “Colombia, small” and Hapalopus triseriatus are somewhat less commonly found. H. triseriatus, from Venezuela, is distinguished from sp. Colombia by darkened femurs and a triangular orange-gold patch on the carapace. Lineages said to be “highland” and “lowland” are perpetuated overseas. As always, we suggest keeping potential regional variants separate when breeding.

Keeping requirements and breeding strategy are the same as for the more commonly kept Hapalopus sp. “Colombia, large.”

The above photo shows a 3/8″ spiderling.

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