Harmonicon rufescens 3/4″




In 1896, F. O. Pickard-Cambridge published an account of new genera and species collected on the steamship Faraday’s journey up the Amazon. One of those described was Harmonicon rufescens, the type species for a new genus. H. rufescens is a member of the Dipluridae family, with other Harmonicon spp. distributed widely across northeast South America. All of them are terrestrial, reaching 3-4″ and webbing up to a meter of the forest floor. Web is supported by vertical silk strands and a central tunnel entrance, to which the spider rapidly retreats when disturbed.

Accounts and in situ photographs of Harmonicon spp. show moist forest floor habitat. We keep H. rufescens without special accommodation and find it hardy. It tolerates occasional misting. H. rufescens constructs a web tunnel with silk attachments to all adjacent structures. Prey are taken voraciously. Growth is rapid.

Venom potency is unknown, caution advised.

The photo above shows a 1+” spiderling/juvenile.


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