Orphnaecus sp. “blue Panay” 3/4″


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The Republic of the Philippines has over 7,500 islands. The larger islands have one or more Orphnaecus species living on them. The type species for the genus is Orphnaecus pillitus, found on Luzon, the northern-most and most populated island.

Philippine Orphnaecus undescribed species are named after Quezon (city) and the islands of Panay, Negros, and Cebu.

The most popular hobby species are Orphnaeecus philippinus (Negros), Orphnaecus sp. “Quezon blue” (city of Quezon), and Orphnaecus sp. “blue Panay” (island of Panay). Others increasing in popularity are Orphnaecus sp. “Negros,” and Orphnaecus sp. “Cebu.”

The map to the left shows the locations of the city of Quezon and the islands Luzon, Panay, Negros, and Cebu.

Orphnaecus sp. “blue Panay” is offered here. Blue color is most evident in freshly molted adults, anteriorly > posteriorly, and tends to fade between molts. The species is fast, easily agitated, and defensive. It is recommended for experienced collectors only. Females mature at 4″, but with subsequent molts has been reported to reach 5″.

Spiderlings dig a maze of tunnels in loose substrate. They are good eaters. Adults tend to burrow. Orphnaecus species in general are hardy in captivity.

The photo above shows an adult female, intermolt.

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