Pamphobeteus sp. “insignis” 1″




Thomas Vinmann introduced this Ecuadorian species years ago as Pamphobeteus cf. insignis. Initially it may have been thought to be the same as the Colombian species described by Pocock in 1903; hence the name P. confer insignis, but in recent years, Pocock’s Pamphobeteus insignis is thought to have been rediscovered in Colombia. Though there is a passing resemblance, differences are sufficient to relegate the name of our species to Pamphobeteus sp. “insignis.”

Vinmann’s original lineage has been perpetuated in captivity and this batch is the second we have received.* Pamphobeteus sp. “insignis” is bronze and copper-colored, different from other Ecuadorian hobby Pamphobeteus, including Pamphobeteus sp. “south Ecuador II” and Pamphobeteus sp. “Machala.” Spiderlings have the Christmas tree pattern on the abdomen. They eat well and grow quickly. Keeping requirements are as for Pamphobeteus in general.

The above photo shows an adult female (photo courtesy Sven Köppler).

*We would love to hear updates from those who purchased from the first batch.

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