Pamphobeteus cf. insignis 3/4″




Thomas Vinmann introduced this Ecuadorian species years ago. Pamphobeteus cf. insignis has since been maintained in captivity and this batch is the second we have received.* It is not the type species Pamphobeteus insignis (Colombia), which is currently rare in the US hobby, but has a passing resemblance. It is distinct from other Ecuadorian hobby tarantulas, including Pamphobeteus sp. “south Ecuador II” and Pamphobeteus sp. “Machala.” The above photo shows an adult female (photo courtesy Sven Köppler).

Spiderlings have the Christmas tree pattern on the abdomen. We have found this spiderling hardy as Pamphobeteus go. Keeping requirements are like those for Pamphobeteus in general.

*We would love to hear updates from those who purchased from the first batch.

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