Poecilotheria metallica 1″ (approx.)


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So much has been said about Poecilotheria metallica that even the tarantula-uninitiated know this species. P. metallica, known to science since 1899, didn’t enter the hobby until a hundred years later. Captive breeding in Europe happened promptly, followed by the first US breeding by Kelly Swift in 2005. As far as we know, only captive-bred specimens have been available since then, though US sac production alone isn’t meeting demand. It is fair to say most US P. metallica spiderlings (along with other Poecilotheria spp. except possibly P. regalis) are still imported from the EU.

P. metallica in nature is threatened by habitat loss. At the current time, captive-breeding programs in Europe provide a reasonably steady supply of imported specimens. Although keeping requirements are not difficult, breeding is challenging and demand is high.

P. metallica is not recommended for the average newcomer to the hobby. A bite is more likely to be medically significant than one from any New World species. We strongly disapprove of hobbyists and profiteers who publish photographs and videos of this tarantula hand held. Be responsible with this species and support its continued availability. Given the fate of Sri Lankan Poecilotheria in the US, it is conceivable easy availability will not always be the case.

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