Theraphosinae sp. “Peru” 1/4 – 3/8″


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Theraphosinae sp. “Peru” is among many undescribed, recently introduced species in the Theraphosinae family. It is a dwarf species, and as for too many undescribed species, little is known about its native habitat. Conditions needed for rearing and breeding in captivity however, have proven unremarkable. You’ll be successful raising this hardy species under conditions used for Cyriocosmus.

T. sp. “Peru” grows quickly. Adult females reach 2 1/2″, males mature slightly smaller. Females retain the species’ attractive base copper color throughout life, whilst ultimate males develop a dark, grey-blue base color.  Captive T. sp. “Peru” specimens don’t readily burrow, but will sometimes take advantage of a hide. In typical enclosures they’ll be seen more often than not.

The first photo above shows an adult female. The second shows an ultimate male and the third an immature female.

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