Tliltocatl albopilosus “Nicaragua” • 1/2 – 5/8″


Tliltocatl albopilosus “Nicaragua” (curly hair tarantula), captive bred, recently transferred from the Brachypelma genus. Unique fuzzy coat, docile temperament, hardiness and ease of breeding contribute to T. albopilosus being a good choice for hobby newcomers.

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A hobby staple, Tliltocatl albopilosus (ex. Brachypelma albopilosum) is hardy, reasonably fast growing, easy to breed, long-lived, and beautiful. It has a unique appearance, attributable to the combination of curly hairs, shiny carapace, and shades of dark brown to black in the legs and abdomen. Hardiness and calm temperament lead many to consider it the ideal tarantula for those new to keeping. Originally described from Costa Rican specimens, hobby specimens are collected further north, typically in Honduras and more recently, Nicaragua (after 2105). Some dispute whether the originally described Costa Rican species is the same as those found further north. Others claim differences between specimens from Honduras versus Nicaragua. We can’t speak to purported regional differences, but entreat hobbyists to not cross lineage from different collection locations.

The photo above shows a young adult female (intermolt).

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