Citharacanthus cyaneus • 1/4 – 1/2″


Citharacanthus cyaneus (Cuban orange-violet dwarf), captive bred, endemic to Cuba. A dwarf terrestrial with unusual coloration and pattern. It is both hardy and well behaved. Recommended for all levels.

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Citharacanthus cyaneus, described as recently as 1994, is a dwarf species endemic to Cuba. Part of the Greater Antilles and the largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba lies at the northern boundary of the tropical zone with an average daily temperature of 79F (26C). Average rainfall is 53 inches/year, with most of it falling between May and October:

(from Climate Change Knowledge Portal)

Both male and female C. cyaneus are brilliantly and uniquely colored, a combination of brown, orange, and purple. Females reach sexual maturity at 2 inches. We have raised C. cyaneus from a shipment in 2016. They may be kept similarly to species in the major tarantula dwarf genus, Cyriocosmus. We’ve noticed fair tolerance to moderate dryness and dampnes, albeit limited in duration. The species is not easily agitated, unlike Neoholothele incei for example, and we’ve noticed no marked tendency to defensiveness.

Unique coloration, hardiness, relaxed temperament and improved availability and pricing will bring C. cyaneus into hobby-favored status.

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