Omothymus schioedtei • 5/8 – 3/4″


Omothymus schioedtei (Malaysian earth tiger) spiderlings for sale. Captive bred, native to peninsular Malaysia‘s western, coastal monsoon forests. Recommended for intermediate-level keepers and above.

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The twenty-odd species in the subfamily Ornithoctoninae are found mainly in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Seven are arboreal, including the type species for the genus, Omothymus schioedtei [1].

O. schioedtei is found in peninsular Malaysia. The type locality is recorded as “Pinang” [2]. Subsequently identified localities include the states of Kedah and Penang and their off-shore islands (e.g., Langkawi) [].

The photo above shows the mother of the spiderlings offered. Spiderlings here are eating 1/4″ crickets. Due to defensiveness and likely potent venom, we recommend O. schioedtei for intermediate-level keepers and above.

This photo shows a common color presentation [O. schioedtei].

Spiderlings and photo above courtesy Jake Huff.

[1] Gabriel, R. & Sherwood, D. (2019c). The revised taxonomic placement of some arboreal Ornithoctoninae Pocock, 1895 with description of a new species of Omothymus Thorell, 1891 (Araneae: Theraphosidae). Arachnology 18(2): 137-147.

[2] Thorell, T. (1891). Spindlar från Nikobarerna och andra delar af södra Asien. Kongliga Svenska Vetenskaps-Akademiens Handlingar 24(2): 1-149

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