Monocentropus balfouri • 1 1/4″ ♀


Juvenile female Monocentropus balfouri (Socotra Island baboon), captive-bred, endemic to the island of Socotra, Yemen. Moderately fast growing, communal in captivity. High drought tolerance, grows to 4+”.

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Monocentropus balfouri comes from the island of Socotra, the largest island in an archipelago extending from the horn of Africa into the Arabian Sea. Although geographically an extension of Africa, politically the archipelago is part of Yemen. The largest island, hot and dry Socotra, has been isolated from the continent for millions of years. Alien and unworldly are words that have been used to describe the landscape.

M. balfouri is among the most commonly kept ‘African’ species. Keeping requirements are as for African baboon tarantulas in general, with many experienced hobbyists keeping them on the dry side, though regularly fed.

Scores of hobbyists have kept M. balfouri grouped in the same enclosure. Even adults* will share the same substrate-web structures. Some sources claim specimens must be raised together from the spiderling stage in order to get along as adults, a claim that may need bolstering.

The photo above shows an adult female.

*multipe adult males may be an exception.

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