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Nhandu tripepii (Brazilian giant blonde) immature female, captive bred, native to the state of Pará and adjacent Maranhāo, Brazil. This medium-large terrestrial is unusual in color and setae appearance. Does well in captivity.

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Nhandu tripepii comes from a limited area in northeast Pará and northwest Maranhāo, Brazil [1], between the cities Belem and Sāo Luís on the coast, and Marabá interiorly. Specific collection sites are shown here (redrawn from Bertani) [1].

Climate in this region is equatorial, similar to that supporting Acanthoscurria geniculata, found slightly northward. Vegetation is tropical rainforest, exemplified in this Belem nature park scene.

In captivity, N. tripepii thrives at room temperature (68-72F/20-22C) and ambient humidity. You’ll find N. tripepii hardy, active, and reasonably fast growing. The first photo at the top shows an adult female (5 1/2″), the second a 2 1/2″ female.

[1] Bertani, R. (2001). Revision, cladistic analysis, and zoogeography of Vitalius, Nhandu and Proshapalopus; with notes on other Theraphosine genera (Araneae, Theraphosidae). Arquivos de Zoologia 36 (3): 265-356.

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