Sericopelma sp. “Veruguas” (Panama) • 3 – 3 1/2″ ♀

Female Sericopelma sp. “Veruguas,” captive bred, a native of Veruguas Province in Panama. Recommended for advanced beginners and above.


Costa Rica and Panama are home to Sericopelma. The two most common hobby species are described, Sericopelma melanotarsum (Costa Rica) and Sericopelma rubronitens (Panama). A number of undescribed species have been introduced recently, and Sericopelma sp. “Veruguas,” from the Republic of Panama, is one of these.

Veruguas is one of the larger provinces in Panama and the only one with a Pacific and Caribbean shore. Exactly where in Veruguas S. sp. “Veruguas” lives has not been published. Here is a panoramic view of Veruguas highlands. Rainforest is also widespread.

The photo above is of the specimen offered. She can be expected to grow rather quickly upwards of 5″. Care is as for her more common cousins.

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