Chilobrachys sp. “Saraburi” • 3/4″

Chilobrachys sp. “Saraburi” from central Thailand. A handsome, Old World, medium-size tarantula for experienced hobbyists. Females mature at 4 1/2″.


Chilobrachys sp. “Saraburi” is from central Thailand. Freshly molted adults show striking shades of dark, charcoal grey.

A new group of captive-bred spiderlings is offered here. Several from the last group matured in about 2 years. Females matured at 4 1/2″, males at about an inch less. The dark color appears as adulthood approaches.

Appetites, hardiness, and activity are good. Appearance and behavior are similar to Chilobrachys dyscolus.

Recommended for intermediate-level hobbyists with experience keeping Chilobrachys species.

The photo above shows an adult female.

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