Hapalopus sp. “Colombia, large” 1/4″


Hapalopus sp. “Colombia, large” is a popular dwarf tarantula species, easy to keep and easy to breed. H. sp. “Colombia, large” has an orange/black abdominal pattern that is more yellow-orange than that of its cousin, Hapalopus sp. “Colombia, small,” which is more red-orange. The size differences between the two species are flagged by the names of course, but we have seen some size overlap in sexually mature females. We have bred H. sp. “Colombia, large” females as small as 2.5 inches. The largest we have witnessed was 3.5 inches.

The 1/4 spiderlings here show tiny orange/black abdominal markings. They’re eating 2-week old crickets.

The photo above is of a ‘gravid’ female.

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