Aphonopelma bicoloratum 3/16″




Described in 1996, this species is probably familiar to those in the hobby five or so years. At the time immature specimens were seen, though not commonly. Some attempted to raise and breed them, but not successfully. Coloration resembles that of Brachypelma boehmei, but is subdued in comparison. A. bicoloratum comes from Mexico, southeast of Mexico City. Temperatures in its environment can reach 40C (104F) during the day. Due to desert scrub habitat, with little air moisture to retain heat, nighttime temperatures can fall to 10C (50F). Burrow temperatures have not been published for A. bicoloratum, but those interested in breeding should have good results using data from sympatric species. For keepers, conditions used for red-legged Brachypelma are sufficient.

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