Aphonopelma seemanni “Nicaragua” 5/8″




The type species was found in Puerto Culebra, Costa Rica by Mr. Seemann and deposited in the British Museum, London. It was described in 1897. According to an article in the British Tarantula Society, the source of field-collected specimens changed from Guatemala to Nicaragua in 2014. The same article challenges whether the Guatemalan species is the same as that found in Costa Rica and neighboring Nicaragua. The author suggests the name Aphonopelma sp. “Guatemala striped knee” for the Guatemalan species once sold as Aphonopelma seemanni.

Indeed, Nicaragua is the current source for wild-caught A. seemanni, and for that matter, Brachypelma albopilosum. Hobbyists have found A. seemanni (Nicaragua) to be as blue as A. sp. “Guatemala striped knee.” Both species are brightest blue immediately post molt, with fading over months. By the time specimens of either species are in premolt, blue can be absent. Aphonopelma are found from the dry southwestern US to subtropical Central America. It will be interesting to study differences in captive requirements.

These spiderlings were bred by US breeder Zakkry DeLack (Instagram: fang_cult), CB 04.21.2019.


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