Brachypelma auratum 3/4″




The late 1980s through early 2000s were an exciting time for Brachypelma enthusiasts, with many new species, well-known to us now, described. Brachypelma auratum was described in 1992. Like Brachypelma baumgaerteni, B. auratum is not as widely distributed as more popular members of the genus. It is found in hillside pockets along the southwestern Mexican mountain range, Sierra Madre del Sur, with type locality in the state of Guerrero. [1] Thorn scrub and cacti are reported as habitat vegetation.

The relative natural scarcity of a species in demand by collectors has been addressed by both CITES inclusion and sustainable captive breeding efforts in Mexico. Export has yielded spiderlings as offered here.

Growth, maximum size, and keeping parameters are as for the other red-legged members.

Photo above courtesy Dr. Jorge Mendoza.

[1] Schmidt, G. (1992d). Brachypelma auratum sp. n., die sogenannte Hochlandform von Brachypelma smithi (Araneida: Theraphosidae: Theraphosinae). Arachnologischer Anzeiger 3(8): 9-14.

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