Grammostola pulchripes • 1″


Grammostola pulchripes (Chaco golden knee), native to northern Argentina and admired for neutral temperament, yellow highlights, and overall hardiness. Recommended for all levels.



The Gran Chaco is semi-arid scrubland covering vast expanses of poorly draining floodplain in northern Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia. Grammostola pulchripes comes from this dry landscape. Presently, G. pulchripes and possibly G. porteri and G. rosea are the only hobby Grammostola species sustained in the hobby by captive-breeding, either in the US or overseas. Widespread popularity may be due to attractiveness, reasonably large size, and fairly calm disposition. Keeping requirements are unremarkable. The species is hardy and tolerates room conditions in most US homes. It is often recommended as a starter species for those new to the hobby,

The spiderlings offered here were bred in Germany. We’ve grown them out about one year and thus they are more than well-started. They are eating 1/2″ crickets.

The above photo shows an adult female.

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