Kochiana brunnipes • 1/4″


Kochiana brunnipes spiderlings for sale, captive bred. This dwarf species is native to the Atlantic Forest of eastern Brazil. Uniquely colored, hardy and relaltively fast growing. Recommended for all levels.



Originally described by Koch in 1842, Mygale brunnipes was redescribed and renamed Kochiana brunnipes by Fukushima et al in 2008. Redescription was based on live specimens found in the Atlantic rainforest of eastern Brazil and photographs of the fragile, dried, pinned holotype. Bright pink legs distally contrast smartly with dark femurs, carapace and abdomen. A reflective gold patch presides on the dorsal abdomen. No other theraphosid from Brazil presents with this coloration. Arachnoiden’s experience with K. brunnipes reveals a colorful, active dwarf species with a digging streak, especially lower instars. Raised at room temperature with weekly crickets and water ad libitum, females here have matured at 2 inches. They are one of the easiest species to sex by molt; dark burgundy spermathecae can be seen in 1-inch specimens. K. brunnipes is one of a kind, the only member of its genus.

The above photo shows a sub-adult female.

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