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Lasiodora klugi (1841) comes from the Brazilian state of Bahia, but in its description it was not specified in which of Bahia’s many ecoregions it was found. Subsequent studies involving L. klugi reveal its location in the Caatinga, a semi-arid region in northeast Brazil. Caatinga is also the locality proposed for Lasiodora parahybana to the north in the state of Paraiba. Whether the distribution of L. klugi (southern Caatinga) and L. parahybana (northern Caatinga) overlaps is not known. Both species are voracious eaters, growing quickly in excess of 7-8 inches, the size at which females of both reach sexual maturity. L. klugi appears bulkier and has prominent red hairs over the abdomen. Stripes are present on the legs. Temperament and behavior are similar to that of L. parahybana.

The above photo is of a young female in intermolt/premolt coloration. We’ll post a post-molt female photo when available. The second photo is from Wikipedia.

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