Pseudhapalopus sp. “Colombia” • 1/2 – 5/8″


Pseudhapalopus sp. “Colombia” is a welcome addition to the growing selection of dwarfs from the Pseudhapalopus genus. Yellow and blue color may guarantee favored status among keepers of dwarf tarantulas.



The Pseudhapalopus genus comprises 5 described species, distributed in Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, and Trinidad. Curiously, none are firmly established in the hobby. By contrast, several recently introduced undescribed species, mostly from Colombia, have gained widespread popularity. The best known is Colombia’s Pseudhapalopus sp, “blue,” whose popularity derives mainly from a bright blue abdomen. More recently, from Boyaca Department, north of Bogatá, comes a similar species referred to as Pseudhapalopus sp. “Colombia.” It has the unusual combination of blue legs, blue rump posteriorly/yellow anteriorly, and a yellow carapace.

Keeping requirements are unremarkable, those used for Cyriocosmus or Cyclosternum species are sufficient. Like its P. sp. “blue” cousin, P. sp. “Colombia” is hardy and has a moderate growth rate. Females achieve sexual maturity at 3-4 inches in 2-3 years. The spiderlings here are feeding on 1/4″ crickets.

N.b. in the photos above, changes in appearance due in part to molt cycle stage. Photo 1 and 2 show typical coloration. Photos 2 and 3 above courtesy Ben Weber and Christian Andre.

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