Selenocosmia kovariki • 5/8″

Selenocosmia kovariki, captive-bred, from a heavily forested region in northern Vietnam. A specialty species for keepers of southeast Asian tarantulas. Recommended for experienced keepers.



Tam Dao in northern Vietnam is the reported locality of Selenocosmia kovariki. A district, national park, and town all have Tam Dao in their name. They occupy a heavily forested, mountainous region, 40 miles northwest of Hanoi. S. kovariki was described in 1995. In recent years it has become more widely available, presumably due to overseas captive breeding. Yellow leg bands and different shades of brown draw attention to this little-known, small-to-medium-sized tarantula. S. kovariki is recommended for experienced keepers and breeders of southeast Asian tarantulas. With venom likely medically significant, use caution near this species.

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