Ami sp. “Chica” 3/16″


Earlier this year, the relatively new genus Ami was replaced with Neischnocolus [1], established in 1925. For the time being, the hobby refers to this dwarf species as Ami sp. “Chica”. As with all undescribed species, we don’t know much about A. sp. “Chica”. It is said to come from Panama. It is hardy and doesn’t grow much over 1 1/4″. The species is different from Ami sp. “Panama”, which grows to the same size but is patterned and colored differently.

I raised the adult female in the photo above from a 3/16″ spiderling in about two years. Keeping requirements are the same as those for Cyriocosmus species, a popular (dwarf) genus.

[1] Pérez-Miles, F., Gabriel, R. & Sherwood, D. (2019). Neischnocolus Petrunkevitch, 1925, senior synonym of Ami Perez-Miles, 2008 and Barropelma Chamberlin, 1940 (Araneae: Theraphosidae). Arachnology 18(2): 150-155.

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