Avicularia sp. “Kwitara River” • 3/4 – 1″

Avicularia sp. “Kwitara River” is native to Guyana highlands’ rainforest. The juvenile and adult acquire shades of greenish blue. Adult females may grow to 6″.


Avicularia sp. “Kwitara River” resembles the well-known, Avicularia avicularia.  Hobbyists admire its greenish, reflective shades, as well as its larger size.

Both A. avicularia and A. sp. “Kwitara River” are Guyana natives. Indeed, A. sp. “Kwitara River” may be an A. avicularia variant á la Avicularia metallica.

The Kwitara River is a western tributary of the Essequibo, part of the Essequibo’s upper reaches, in Guyana’s sparsely populated interior. The Essequibo River runs the length of Guyana, flowing south to north. It forms the eastern boundary of land held in dispute between Venezuela and Guyana. The Kwitara lies within disputed territory.

Kwitara and Essequibo headwaters lie in Guyana highlands, part of the Guyana shield. Climate is tropical and vegetation is dense rainforest.

Keeping parameters for A. sp. “Kwitara River” are as for A. avicularia and A. metallica.

Photos above courtesy Teas Schubert.


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