Cardiopelma cf. mascatum 3/8″


Based on a living female and exuvia, Fabian Vol described Cardiopelma mascatum [1]. Collection site is not stated in the manuscript, and from Vol’s educated attempt to place C. mascatum geographically, between Panama and Colombia*, it appears it was not known.

Since then, in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, researchers have found specimens fitting Vol’s description. These have been bred in captivity and the species introduced to the hobby. Likely, absence of type locality in Vol’s description has led to the insertion of ‘cf.’ into the name (Cardiopelma confer mascatum). Confirmation may depend on comparison with the female specimen Vol deposited in the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (Paris).

With a carapace of 12mm and an abdomen of 10mm, C. mascatum is a dwarf species. Von reports naming the genus after the heart-shape spermatheca (Cardiopelma) and the species after the triangular mask on the carapace (mascatum).

Spiderlings are hardy and take pin-head crickets. No unusual keeping requirements have been noted.

[1] Vol, F. (1999a). A propos d’une spermatheque inhabituelle. Arachnides 42: 1-13.

* “ce qui la positionnerait géographiquement au sud de l’Amérique centrale (Panama) ou au nord de l’Amérique du sud (Colombie)”


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