Chilobrachys dyscolus “black” 1 1/2″ ♀



Chilobrachys dyscolus was originally described from specimens collected near Saigon, Vietnam [1]. However, its range extends west to Myanmar (ex. Burma) and south to Malaysia. Different regions sometimes produce color variants. Vietnam specimens tend to be brownish molting to bluish. Adult female C. dyscolus “black” maintains a darker shade with less blue when freshly molted and less brown in premolt. Juveniles of all color variants are brown. The above photo shows a recently molted adult female raised here from a batch of imported spiderlings.

[1] Simon, E. (1886a). Arachnides recueillis par M. A. Pavie (sous chef du service des postes au Cambodge) dans le royaume de Siam, au Cambodge et en Cochinchine. Actes de la Société Linnéenne de Bordeaux 40: 137-166.

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