Davus ruficeps 3/4″



Known to science since 1891, Davus ruficeps started its career as Hapalopus ruficeps. Since then this Costa Rican species has had many other names. By any name it is new to the hobby. A dwarf tarantula by hobbyist standards, it looks like a juvenile Davus pentaloris, with an adult female reaching only about 2.5″. Markings are sharp and delicate. D. pentaloris by contrast grows almost twice the size. One way to tell the difference between an adult D. ruficeps and a juvenile D. pentaloris in photographs is to look at the orange spot on the top of the abdomen. They’re placed differently.

Keeping has proven unremarkable, similar to D. pentaloris. Collectors of dwarfs might favor D. ruficeps over D. pentaloris due to its true dwarf size,

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