Davus ruficeps • 1/2 – 5/8″

Davus ruficeps (Costa Rican tiger rump) spiderlings, captive bred. Native to Costa Rica and related to Davus pentaloris, but nearly half the size. Recommended for keepers of all levels, especially dwarf aficionados.


Known to science since 1891, Davus ruficeps started its career as Hapalopus ruficeps. Since then this Costa Rican species has had many other names. By any name it is a new species in the hobby (US 12/2019).

A dwarf tarantula by hobbyist standards, an adult female D. ruficeps at first glance looks like a juvenile Davus pentaloris. D. pentaloris females mature at approximately 4″. By contrast, D. ruficeps females mature at 2.5″. Males mature at about 2″.

To distinguish D. ruficeps from D. pentaloris, examine the abdomen. Both species have an abdominal, dorsal patch, with long, type III urticating hairs. D. pentaloris has an orange oval interrupting the second orange belly band. D. ruficeps has just the abdominal dorsal patch, with no anterior oval. Additionally, belly bands on D. ruficeps are proportionally narrower.

Keeping and breeding D. ruficeps is straightforward. Conditions used for D. pentaloris are sufficient. Collectors of dwarfs might favor D. ruficeps due to its smaller size. Recommended for keepers of all levels.

Spiderlings, captive bred 5/2020.

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