Pamphobeteus sp. “cascada” 3/4 – 1″


Introduced to the US by Anastasia Haroldsen of NETBUG in 2014, Pamphobeteus sp. “cascada” is from Ecuador. It is said to live near water courses, hence the name. Spiderlings have the Christmas tree rump pattern characteristic of spiderlings and juveniles of many Pamphobeteus species. Growth is medium fast, exponential as with all tarantulas; captive bred by Sven Köppler, imported by Arachnoiden.

The first photo above shows a post-molt, young semi-adult female. The second photo above shows a recently molted, young adult female. The molt in the top left corner shows her premolt brown, typical of many New World and some Old World species. The freshly molted adult female is black throughout, with sparse, fine reddish hairs on the abdomen posteriorly.

The photo below shows P. sp. “cascada” pairing; the mature male showing iridescent purple in his last year of life.




photo courtesy B. Weber/C. Andre.

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