1.1 Pamphobeteus sp. “magna” • 2 – 2 1/2″

Juvenile breeding pair of Pamphobeteus sp. “magna,” captive bred, native to Ecuador. Raised from imported spiderlings bred in Germany. Semi-adult and older specimens are extensively black (except mature males). Recommended for intermediate-level hobbyists and above.


Pamphobeteus sp. “magna” has been available overseas since 2014. Gradually they’ve made their way over to the States.

Locality is Ecuador, home to many other described and undescribed species. Spiderlings and juveniles have the Xmas tree pattern on their abdomens. Older specimens gradually turn nearly uniform black. Mature females are black, more uniformly than sp. “nigricolor,” sp. “cascada,” or sp. “antinous” for example. Ultimate males acquire the purple sheen characteristic of the genus. Females mature at 6-7″.

The photo above, courtesy Benjamin Weber, is of a young adult female

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