Pamphobeteus sp. “Paisa” • 1 1/2 – 2″ ♂


Male Pamphobeteus sp. “Paisa,” captive-bred, native to northwest Colombia. A large, hardy terrestrial with moderately fast growth.

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The northwest quarter of South America is home to all known Pamphobeteus. They are distributed west and east of the continental divide, mainly on the uplands and foothills of the Andes. Countries hosting Pamphobeteus comprise Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. The Republic of Colombia is famously home to Xenesthis, but is also rich in Pamphobeteus. Pamphobeteus fortis, insignis, nigricolor, ornata, and verdolaga, for example, are all Colombia natives. The species offered here, Pamphobeteus sp. “Paisa,” is a western-slope Colombia native.

Paisa region refers to an area overlying several departments (states) in northwest Colombia. These states lie along the western slope of the Andes in northwest Colombia (AntioquiaCaldas, Risaralda, and Quindío). A person from this region is also referred to as Paisa; thus Paisa, from Paisano (Spanish, one from the same country). Indeed, Paisa region was originally defined as the land of Paisa people.

P. sp. “Paisa,” raised here before, have no special keeping requirements. Spiderlings and juveniles show the Xmas-tree pattern on their abdomens.

P. sp. “Paisa” post-molt coloration is attractive. In higher instars, between molts, browning occurs. Successive instars show interesting color development as maturity nears.

The photo above shows a young female.

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