Terms and Conditions

Contact & Checkout

(updated 10.05.20)

Use the shopping cart and checkout page to get a shipping quote. If desired, exercise the hold at location option and receive a discount (see Shipping below).

Pay by credit card. Cards accepted are American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Please order no more than a week before you would like your item(s) shipped, we don’t hold orders for longer. We’ll confirm inventory and provide shipping information by email in 24 hours, often sooner, rarely later.

Local pickup is available in the New England area: Leominster, Route 2, exit 34 (late afternoons and most weekend mornings) or Cambridge M, Tu, W, F (infrequently in the current era): 6:00 a.m. to early afternoon. A $10 pickup fee and MA state tax apply. Order through the shopping cart and contact us to schedule.

Feel free to contact us (Contact tab/email) with questions. Trades and collection offers welcome, but please, no requests for freebies, discounts, coupons, rewards programs, price matching, delivery-day exceptions, suspect females, “How many do you have?,” or “Would you take $ shipped?”

Telephone numbers are collected for FedEx purposes only. All business correspondence is by email.


(updated 11.29.20)

FEDEX PRIORITY OVERNIGHT: We ship FedEx Priority Overnight, currently Monday for Tuesday arrival, to any address in the continental US (includes Alaska). Priority Overnight shipping charge is based on zip code and subtotal. Shipping cost decreases with every $50 increment in subtotal. By $500 shipping is free. Save further by shipping to a FedEx Ship Center (FSC), hold at location.

When entering your address, enter street address followed by a comma and apartment number. Information entered otherwise may result in a cancelled order.

FedEx Ship Centers

FEDEX SHIP CENTERS: In any weather it’s always safest to ship to your local FedEx Ship Center (FSC), hold at location. FSCs get packages generally before 8:30 a.m., whereas local businesses and residences get packages after an additional truck ride, with delivery not guaranteed until 10:30 a.m., noon, or 4:30 p.m. The later the delivery, the higher the risk. In the COVID-19 era, late deliveries have been common. With extreme heat, cold, heavy snowfall, or other circumstance we may insist on delay or delivery to a FSC.

Save up to $10, sometimes more, shipping hold at location. Select “Ship to a different address”/”FedEx Hold at Location,” enter your zip code, select from the drop down, and use the map to find and select a FSC near you. The address will be automatically entered and charges will recalculate to include the discount.

FedEx does not allow live animal delivery to secondary FedEx centers (e.g., Walgreens, FedEx Office, FedEx Print & Ship Centers, FedEx Authorized Ship Centers), only FedEx Ship Centers (just those three words).

COLD WEATHER SHIPPING: We are happy to report successful shipping year-round, even in below zero weather. In winter 2020/21 we may charge extra for cold protection. We prefer, and may insist on, shipping to FSCs in winter, avoiding last-leg cold truck rides and the possibility of truck delay.

HOT WEATHER SHIPPING: Midday temperatures >85F can be easily avoided by shipping to a FSC, hold at location. Across the country, the box is exposed only to cooler evening, nighttime, and early morning temperatures, generally in the 70s. In the south, southwest, and southern California, where midday temperatures often exceed 100F, FSCs are sometimes the only places to which we’ll ship.

No Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG)

(updated 10.05.20)

We ship only healthy, eating specimens, and take pains to ship according to weather conditions. We have an excellent record of live arrival; however, live arrival is not guaranteed.


(updated 11.18.20)

FedEx is functioning at or near capacity. They’ve suspended both delivery time guarantee and signature upon arrival. Telephone inquires to FedEx regarding late packages are mostly unproductive. If your package is late, the best plan is to be patient. In October 2020 one delivery to a rural region was 11 days late. Spiderling contents arrived alive. This month a spiderling sent to a different destination arrived 36 hours late, on a cold night, dead, presumably after spending the day on a truck.

Delays in general have increased. “Shipageddon” is anticipated for the 2020 holiday season. Please plan ahead, adjust expectations. Use FedEx Ship Centers for pickup. Above all, be safe.