Terms of Service

Ordering, Contact & Checkout

(updated 03.16.21)

We’re located in northcentral Massaschusetts near the NH border. Shipping cost from here depends on your location. Use the shopping cart and checkout page to get a shipping quote.

Pay by credit card: American Express, Visa, Mastercard or Discover. PayPal also available. Please order no more than a week before you would like your item(s) shipped as we don’t hold orders for longer. We’ll confirm inventory and provide shipping information by email in 24 hours, often sooner, rarely later.

You may add to an existing order using the coupon code free_shipping2021 to avoid a second shipping fee. We’ll check inventory and confirm by email.

Customer pickup is available in the New England area. Pickup points are Leominster, Route 2, exit 34 (late afternoons and most weekend mornings) and Cambridge, Massachusetts Avenue (Thursday mornings, but infrequently during the pandemic). A $10 drive-out fee and MA state tax apply. Order through the shopping cart and contact us to schedule. Make sure you uncheck the healthy-arrival insurance box for pickups.

Trades and collection offers are welcome as are questions not answered on this page. If you please, no requests for shipping quotes (see above to determine), discounts, freebies, coupons, rewards programs, price matching, delivery-day exceptions, suspect females or female guarantees. Please do not ask “How many do you have?” or “Would you take $ shipped?”

Telephone numbers are collected for FedEx purposes only. All business correspondence is by email. You must be at least 18 years of age to order.

Shipping, COVID-19 & Healthy Arrival Insurance


The pandemic has affected every aspect of delivery. FedEx has suspended signature upon receipt. Delays, maximal in January and February, have much improved.

New 03.06.21: Healthy-arrival insurance (HAI) covers shipping-related specimen death or injury. We require: (1) correct address and acceptance upon first delivery attempt, (2) notification within 2 hours of delivery or 3 hours of availability at a FedEx Ship Center and (3) photographs if requested. Insurance covers spider cost and, if the entire order is affected, shipping. Specimens arriving alive but showing poor activity are also covered; please contact us in the above-mentioned time frames, videos appreciated. We’ll decide on a case-by-case basis and follow with you. Orders without insurance are shipped buyer’s risk, that is, no coverage for shipping casualties.

FedEx & FedEx Ship Centers

(updated 03.12.21)

FEDEX PRIORITY OVERNIGHT: We ship FedEx Priority Overnight, Mondays and Wednesdays, unless otherwise stated in News and Updates, to any address in the continental US (includes Alaska). Priority Overnight shipping charge is based on your zip code and can be determined using our checkout software. Most orders can be shipped if placed as late as the day before a ship day, sometimes even if placed on ship day but before noon.

Apartment dwellers: When entering your address, type street address followed by a comma, space and your apartment number. Information entered otherwise may result in a cancelled order or undelivered package. HAI will be void.

FEDEX SHIP CENTERS: It’s safer and often about $10 cheaper to ship to your local FedEx Ship Center (FSC), hold at location. Most FSCs get packages before 8:30 a.m., whereas local businesses and residences get packages after an additional truck ride, with delivery not guaranteed until 10:30 a.m., noon, or 4:30 p.m. The later the delivery, the higher the risk. With extreme heat or cold, heavy snowfall or other circumstance, we may insist on delivery to a FSC. We don’t hold orders more than a week so some may be cancelled and refunded if the extended forecast is poor. We’ll ask you to order when conditions improve.

To choose a FSC destination, select “Ship to a different address”/”FedEx Hold at Location.” Enter your zip code, select from the drop down, and use the map to find a FSC near you. The address will be automatically entered and charges will recalculate to include any discount.

FedEx does not allow live animal delivery to secondary FedEx centers (e.g., Walgreens, FedEx Office, FedEx Print & Ship Centers, FedEx Authorized Ship Centers), only FedEx Ship Centers (just those three words). Please do not reroute packages to a secondary center. HAI will be void. Once an order is confirmed and a tracking number provided, customer-initiated cancellations will result in a 5% work fee.


(updated 04.02.21)

We do not advise handling. Owners who handle put themselves at risk of bites, urticating hairs, allergic reactions and infections.

Bites from New World tarantulas are painful and associated with local inflammation, akin to a wasp sting. Bites from Old World tarantulas may in addition cause neurologic symptoms, sometimes lasting weeks. All tarantula bites have potential to cause more serious symptoms should infection develop or allergy to venom exist. Fortunately, to date there have been no deaths reported from a tarantula bite.

Many New World tarantulas will upon disturbance flick urticating (itchy) hairs from their rumps. These hairs have potential to land on skin, eyes or be inhaled. Self-limited, local irritation is the most common result, but allergic reaction and/or infection are possible. Consultation with an ophthalmologist or other medical professional may be needed.

If in doubt about a tarantula-related symptom you have, seek medical attention.